Mediceuticals Bao-Med Pure Skin,Scalp & Hair Oil

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Bao-Med Pure Skin, Scalp and Hair Oil is a certified and unrefined organic oil made from the Baobab tree and can be used directly onto the skin and scalp or added to your favourite conditioner or body lotion. This can help to relieve dry, itchy and scaly skin. Rich in Vitamin C, Bao-Med is great for helping to heal new scars and can help reduce the signs of stretch marks during pregnancy.

With its superior qualities to moisturise and added Omega 3, 6 and 9, Bao-med oil helps to combat the signs of ageing as its deeply nourishing and hydrating and absorbs deeply into the skin.

Directions - Massage oil directly onto skin or mix oil with your day and night cream, body lotion or hair conditioner.