Comfort Zone Sacred Nature Fluid (Bio-Certified)

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Light hydrating fluid

This non comedogenic cream has a hydrating and protective action, formulated design with organic and natural active ingredients.

How it works:
This blend of salicylic acid, bromelain and sodium usnate favours exfoliation in treated areas, helping to eliminate dry and reduce blemishes. The blend of clay and mica powders have an absorbing action aimed at limiting a shiny/oily appearance on the skin. Buriti oil is a precious active ingredient which originates from a palm tree in brazil, and is also known as the tree of life. Its characteristic bright orange colour emphasizes its luxurious deep concentration in carotenoids and therefore its powerful antioxidant action. buriti oil is also rich in fatty acids which is commonly found in the formulation has been substituted by a biological distilled orange water, which has a remineralizing action. butterfly bush extract enhances and enriches the formula, assuring biological defence of the DNA cells for a notable anti-aging action.

How to use Comfort Zone Sacred Nature Fluid (Bio-Certified):
Apply a small amount of product to the face and neck and delicately massage until completely absorbed using circular motions and applying upwardly.

Key ingredients of Comfort Zone Sacred Nature Fluid (Bio-Certified):
Blend of mica and clay powders, buriti oil, orange distilled water, butterfly bush extract.